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Le mois de Novembre est un mois spécial.
C’est celui où les hommes, partout dans le monde (et particulièrement dans les pays anglo-saxons), se font pousser la moustache pour lutter contre le cancer de la prostate. Mo’vember.
Le 18 Novembre est encore plus spécial. C’est le jour où les femmes, à leur manière, peuvent rejoindre le mouvement :

We all know that a mustache is the gift that keeps on giving, by creating a more dignified and aesthetically appealing population. But now that killer ‘stache can do even more; it can help fight a killer. Who ever thought that your mustache, or if you are among the genetically whisker-challenged, your efforts in the field of mustachery could help kids with cancer? Well, now it can. Mustaches vs. Cancer is a two month mustache-a-thon where each participant solicits donations on behalf of their beautifully bristled upper-lip, in the end donating all the earnings to the pediatric department at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. Since 2008, just two short years, the noble faces of Mustaches vs. Cancer have raised over $75,000 to directly benefit pediatric cancer care and research!


Can’t grow a stache, ladies? We highly recommend checking out this vid on how you can help. (Hint: November 18 is Have Sex with a Guy with a Mustache Day.)

La sublime vidéo dont on parle à regarder ici.

Sauvez le monde, couchez avec un moustachu.
Lui par exemple. Ou moi.

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