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Bonne Nouvelle

Les peuples se soulèvent,
et Electrelane se reforme.

Electrelane – I want to be the President


la pensée du jour est volée pomsée-pomvée depuis ce blog, je suis trop claqué par ma soirée foutchibol pour écrire, et c’est beaucoup plus intéressant que ce qui pourrait sortir de mon petit cerveau de fouteux.

Derek Sivers recently posted a short interview of SETH GODIN on MUSIC THINK TANK (which I can only recommend you follow religiously as a consistently great resource for independent musicians). And if some of you still believed your business is about selling music, think again.

It is about engaging with your audience and building a deep connection or in Seth’s own words « intimacy ».

Here is for me the most interesting part of Seth interview:

Get over the idea that your success is equated with selling the right to listen, or selling control over when people listen. Relinquish the opportunity to make money by controlling who can listen and when. That’s gone. It’s over. It would be like a bakery selling the right to sniff the fresh bread or a wine maker selling the right to look at the cool label. It’s now a public good, something you see as you walk by.

What you can sell, what you better be able to sell, is intimacy. It’s interactions in public. Souvenirs. Limited things of value. Experiences. Memories. People will pay for those things, IF: your art is actually great and if you make it possible for them to buy them.

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